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Ice Cold Lemonade Reviews

Due to being a top-selling streetwear provider in the world we often get asked if we are legit. The short answer is, YES! 

The long answer is, in today's world you cannot possibly satisfy every customer all the time. Though we try our best with a flexible return policy, money-back guarantees, and 24/7 customer support, we still unfortunately do not have a 100% satisfaction rate.

We do however, guarantee that we will do everything in our power to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and experience with Ice Cold Lmnd. 

On most product pages you will see reviews from REAL customers who love our products. You will also see REAL reviews from customers who were not satisfied with their experience. We try our best to reach out to them to remedy their negative experience, but unfortunately sometimes us trying our best is not good enough. 

Lastly, we process thousands of orders every month, servicing customers all over the world while offering free shipping. We make MISTAKES. We are a young company experiencing explosive growth, and we are not perfect. We recognize this, which is why we read all feedback, both positive and negative in order to improve the overall customer experience. 

So, the long answer is still YES. We are legit. 

To the tens of thousands of you who continue to support us, we cannot thank you enough. Your support is truly overwhelming! 

- Ice Cold Lmnd CEO/Founder



  • David Scullion

    Jacket wayyy to small cant even get it on ….

  • Teji Sihra

    My jacket won’t fit me at all. Would you please exchange it for a bigger size? I can’t even have it on.

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